This necklace was pointless.

This necklace was pointless.

I’m half pass tipsy gotta get up for work in the am. Those drinks were off the chain though.
A good night indeed.
But I’m horny now with no one to fuck. Booo
But I am going to enjoy these tacos.

Can’t wear this dress out anymore.
Feel like I’ve been groped all night

@textgramofficial (at The Ale House Toledo)

One more class.

Come on 4:45 so that I can go home, finish my hw and take a nap.

The fact that someone remembered me from two years ago from a poetry performance has truly made my day.

He was fine too….and smelled really good but that’s beside the point. LOL

I feel like these connect access codes should be good for any course and wait until a full year to expire.

These classes are breaking my pockets with these damn connects.

Unavoidable costs grrrr

Missing heads….not sure if I want to get on this elevator…. Lol (at Stranahan Hall - College of Business Administration)

Man what…… came home to an entire bottle of MY liquor gone.
I’m pissed.
That’s some bullshit.
Using “but you had 3 bottles” as an excuse isn’t working.
That was 3 different liquors for one.
For 2 I don’t give fuck if I have 10 bottles of Jameson it’s my shit so don’t touch it.

My school is quick with the refund.
My bank account is smiling